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 beatmaniaIIDX Lyrics

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PostSubject: beatmaniaIIDX Lyrics   beatmaniaIIDX Lyrics EmptyThu Aug 06, 2009 8:58 pm

Above / Sota Fujimori

Oooh, I wanna take you up here
where the air's clear
Where clouds and summer paint the sky
That is where I wanna fly

Oooh, let me take you beyond
everything that we know
Up here it's beautiful
leave behind every sorrow

Fly away

And we'll be flying in heaven, we'll float through the sky
And we'll be flying in heaven, love lifts us high
And we are flying to heaven to find peace of mind
And we are flying to heaven, we're leaving the world behind

If you ever wanna dream,
come and I'll take you with me
The sky, it has no boundaries
when love gives you wings

Away, far above the crystal clouds
soaring, tumbling through midair
we'll see the troubles melt away
You'll always want to be there

In heaven

Suspect cyclops Mad Razz Laughing pale affraid

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beatmaniaIIDX Lyrics
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